By: Caspar Skripkauskas

10 tips how to start using Twitter for business!

OK, probably you came to Twitter to expand your business and find new opportunities. Of course you want to be noticed by customers and to build your online value and credibility.

For that Twitter is awesome! It has lot’s of interesting people, potential customers and future business opportunities. The best part - there are no “baby pictures”! (#ToYourFace, FaceBook)! BTW - it’s free!

1. Use #hashtags in your description! So simple, yet so powerful!

How can your future clients find you, if you are not properly saying what you do? You need to craft a good description and use hashtags related to your niche.

I will give you an example how this could be done:  if someone would search for web developers using #webdev hashtag, they would see us in the search results! You can check it for yourself. At the time of writing we are number 1 for this hashtag.

2. Define your hashtags.

If you want your tweets to be seen not only by your followers, or people who visit your profile, you should use hashtags in your tweets. A great practice is to find up to 20 hashtags that are related to your business. Use them constantly! It will allow new people to see your tweets and the constant use of them would also help you rank higher. But do not overdo it. Use no more, than 2 to 3 hashtags per tweet. We can suggest a couple of great tools that will help you choose and compare similar hashtags:

3. Use twitter advanced search.

Yes Twitter has this built in and it’s quite powerful. You can search words, phrases or hashtags and filter them by language, location, date or Twitter account.

4. Analyze your competition.

Now you have tools, so let’s put them to work! Find your competitors, look what they are tweeting, what they are following and who follows them. This will let you make your own insights and help you find an edge against your competitors.

5. Post regularly.

You must try to tweet every day. If somebody is interested in your field of service or particularly in you, but sees that your last tweet was a month or two ago he/she probably won’t follow, or contact you. Obviously  you don’t hang out here that often.

6. Post frequently.

You may be wondering, so how many tweets per day should I post? Usually the more tweets you post, the more response you get. Here is a good study from that provides some great insight. According them there are three peaks of response. The first one is 4-5 tweets, second 11-15 tweets, and third is at 21-30 per day. So for the best results try to post in these intervals.

Another worth mentioning aspect is timing between tweets. According to moz a life span of a tweet is about 18 minutes, it means during this time a tweet gets majority of its views and engagement. So try to post at least in 15-20 minutes intervals. And it is even better if you can spread out your posting during the day.

7. Use scheduling tools.

It’s a must, unless you want to be stuck posting on Twitter all day. There are a lot of twitter scheduling tools so you can easily find and use which one you like. Personally we use And from our experience Free version does it’s job and it’s easy to use.

8. Retweet other people's tweets.

Retweeting could help you make friends and strengthen connections on Twitter. Everyone feels appreciated when their tweet gets retweeted. It could help even if you are trying to be noticed by influencers. Try retweeting their tweets and there is a better chance they will retweet yours.

9. Don’t chase the followers count or even worse don’t buy fake followers.

What’s the point of having empty “Eggs” (profiles without picture) or pokemons? They won’t retweet your posts, won’t buy from you or do business with you. One good and engaged follower has more worth than thousands of fake ones. Quality wins over quantity in this case.

You can do a little investigation for yourself: next time you are on Twitter review some of these accounts who have hundreds of thousands of fake followers and check how many retweets and likes they get.

10. Communicate!

A lot of people call Twitter “the cocktail party of the internet”! So the most important and the most rewarding thing to do is to interact with others! Be human, be real. Make the first step - ask a question, or join discussion about something , after all under Twitter profiles are humans (ok i won’t deny it .. there are some bots too). But you got the point.  


Find best hashtags that are suitable for you and use them frequently. Don’t forget to put some of them in your description. Research your niche,  analyze and learn from your competitors. Tweet daily at least 4-5 times for the best results. Be smart and save your time scheduling your tweets. Don’t forget the power of a retweet. Remember that quality of your followers means more than quantity. And the most important advice - be human and communicate! Do your best on tweeting and sharing your awesome ideas with the world.

We hope this blogpost was useful for you. If so, we will be truly happy if you share it. And if you want more blog posts about Twitter, let us know in the comments section below.

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